We are the DBAC

 The Downtown Bangor Arts Collaborative (DBAC) promotes cultural awareness in the city of Bangor, Maine through arts-related events and educational programming. Since the fall of 2008, the Downtown Bangor Artwalk has been a mainstay of the Bangor arts scene. This free, Friday night open studio tour draws crowds in the hundreds downtown to meet local artists, and to spend a night on the town shopping, dining and socializing. Based on the belief that shared experiences build community, DBAC plans to expand the Downtown Artwalk and to create educational programming for all age groups. Our goal is to engage as many people as possible in the Bangor region in appreciating, making, and supporting the arts. We welcome ideas, energy, and feedback from artists and audiences alike.

After many months of grassroots effort and planning, the Downtown Bangor Arts Collaborative (DBAC) achieved official status in June of 2010 as a Non-Profit Cultural organization in the State of Maine. The next step in our evolution is filing for 501(c)3 status at the federal level.